I Wish It Were Summer
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this blog is for kicks and giggles. I used to write in this daily, but now it's become more of a picture blog.

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Sunday, October 19

I slept in so much! I also recall just relaxing and doing a lot of busy work. Arbela and I went to the store and had a really good catch up session. She might transfer, and lately I feel like a lot of people really don’t want to stay anymore. Maybe I need to leave for a little bit too, because I’m okay here, but I’m not completely happy here. Arbs is the best though<3 shes a good person to listen and talk with. 

I got all the breast cancer supplies and finished my theories homework. Without lab, bio homework, or midterms I actually had all day to relax and it was wonderful. I saw Annie in the library and had a good talk with her, I also saw Angle and Eddie and that made me very happy :) I went to Brockton and hung out for a bit before actually going to bed. It was a very nice night :)

Wednesday, October 15 

I lost my phone and found it in the cafe. Lol at my life.

10day cleanse starts today and I’m already not doing well because I skipped breakfast hahahahah.